Words of Praise

"Jess is a wonderfully caring and talented massage therapist. I have known her for for several years and have recommended her services to my family and friends. She is very trustworthy, professional and really wants to help you feel your best. Jess has been magical in helping me overcome muscle tension and stress; I often choose her incredible aromatherapy (my absolute favorite!) or hot stone treatments.

I also did all my prenatal massages with Jess and always felt safe and well-cared for during my massage treatments."

Kendahl Brown

Vice President - Sales and Mom of Two

"What I love most about Jess is that each massage is tailored to what my body needs on that day. Prior to meeting Jess I had received many cookie-cutter massages where it was the same massage every time. Jess always asks how my body is feeling and listens carefully to my response before tailoring my massage. I have endured several back surgeries recently and with Jess' help my recovery time has definitely been expedited. I feel she is the most skilled and intuitive massage therapist in Fort Worth and cannot recommend her strongly enough."

Sean Fierke
Busy Dad on the Go

"Jess is the best masseuse and I won't go to anyone else. I began seeing Jess about 3 years ago because of my migraines. I couldn't get any relief from medicine, heat or ice pads. I feel so much better after I've seen Jess. More recently, I've been diagnosed with arthritis in my knee and lower back. After a session with Jess, I'm walking taller and pain free. My most common session is 90 minutes, but my favorite it a 2 hour! I also gifted my mom with a 2 hour dual session. She got a mini-facial and a massage and said it was fantastic. You can't go wrong with Jess!"

Rachel Rivera
Educator and Chronic Pain Sufferer